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Is a group practice right for me?

Is a group practice right for me?

A SimplePractice group account typically consists of a group of clinicians billing under a single NPI, tax ID, and Stripe account. Below you'll find a few questions you should be asking when considering if a group account is right for your practice:

 Factors Solo vs. Group

 What is my billing plan?

Both solo and group accounts will have their billing connected to one Stripe account, one NPI, and one tax ID.

 Will I be billing insurance?

Solo practitioners will have the option to file claims under their individual NPI or their organization NPI if they have one. Groups will be filing claims with their type-2, organizational NPI and tax ID.

 How many other clinicians are in
 my practice with me?

If the answer is greater than one and you plan to bill insurance under an organization NPI, you may want to consider becoming a group account.

Note: If you find that a group account is the best choice for your practice, head over to this guide for more information: Group Practice FAQs.

Group practice accounts are designed to consist of multiple clinicians working as employees and are usually paid as contractors. Since a group account only stores one organization NPI and tax ID combination, best practices for billing insurance in SimplePractice are when its clinicians all bill under the same Billing Provider details outlined in box 33 of the claim form. The rendering provider information is required in box 24j and populates from the Clinical tab of the My Profile account settings. This field should always populate with each individual clinician's name and NPI as it is in regards to the clinician that rendered the services for that specific service line.


Important: Based on the information above, we do not recommend that sole proprietors, co-ops, or collectives use a group account in SimplePractice if you will not be billing insurance under a common organization NPI/tax ID combination.

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