December 4, 2018 Backup Information

Open your browser and sign in by clicking here: This is your live account which you use to manage your practice.

Next, you'll open a separate browser window which you'll use to access the backup of your account. To do this, click on a client link in the email you received from us about this issue.

This will bring you to the backup version of SimplePractice which can be identified by the URL: Use your SimplePractice username and password to login.


Now you’ll be in your live account in one tab (on the left) and in your backup account in a second tab (on the right).


This backup account is a fallback that contains information you entered up to December 4th, 2018. This backup account will be accessible to you for the next 14 days.

Please take a few moments to review the client information indicated in the email you received from us. If there is information in your backup account that you'd like to copy over to your live account, here are examples of how to do this with common types of data. If you’d like assistance with any of this, please reply to the email you received form us about this issue and we’ll help out right away.

Copying an Appointment Note

For example, below you can see a client whose November 20th Progress Note was not saved to the live account, but it was saved to the backup account.

You can copy this note to your live account by Copying the information from the note in your backup account:


And then Pasting the information into the correct fields in your live account:

Once you’ve successfully copied the note, you can Save it and then Lock it as usual.

Copying an Appointment

Go to the Calendar page for both your backup and live accounts. As you can see below, in the backup account there is an appointment on December 18 at 8AM with client V.D. that was not saved to the live account:


You can open up the appointment in your backup account to get the full details of the appointment. Then in your live account, add that appointment for the client with all the same information:


Copying a Client

To copy a client record from your backup, you can search for them in your backup account. You can transfer their information into your main account by clicking +Create > Client at the top of your screen and copying over their name and contact information:


Please note that if you sent a Client Portal invitation to that client, they would not be able to access that invitation. If this is the case, once you've finished copying over the client's information, you'll want to resend their Intake Packet and invitation to your Client Portal:


Copying a non-Stripe Client Payment

To re-sync your non-Stripe client payments from your backup account, you will want to go to your Billing page in both browser windows. In the date range selector at the top, select only December 4 to only see the transactions which took place on that date:


In this example, you can see that there were two Cash-type payments on that date which did not sync over:


You can simply go to those clients' Billing pages in your main account and add the payments as usual.

If You Need Further Assistance

We are here to help you, and if there is any part of this process where you would like assistance, please respond directly to the email you received from us about this issue so we can assist you quickly.

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