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Getting started with SimplePractice

Getting started with SimplePractice

This Getting Started page provides all the necessary resources to set up your SimplePractice account. Below, you can watch the Getting started in 15 minutes or less video, or scroll down to review resources one at a time.

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In this guide, you'll find resources on:


Setting up your Client Portal

Intakes, forms, and templates

Important: It’s your responsibility to review these consent document templates and make sure that they reflect the legal requirements of your state, as well as the way you choose to run your practice. If you have any questions, we recommend consulting your regulatory body.

Calendar and scheduling

Notes and documentation

Client billing


Group practice


Switching and data imports



Getting Started Open Q&A


This live 30-minute Q&A gives you the opportunity to ask a live specialist questions you have about getting started in your SimplePractice account. To learn more and register for a session, follow this link: Getting Started Open Q&A



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