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How to void/cancel a claim

If a claim was submitted with incorrect information and is currently in process by the payer, you might need to void/cancel the original claim.

Note: Deleting a claim from your SimplePractice account doesn't stop the claim processing on the payer's end.

These are the steps you can take to void/cancel a claim:

  • Contact the payer and advise that a claim was submitted in error. Ask if this claim should be voided/cancelled, so that you can submit a claim with the correct information.
    • Some payers will allow you to void/cancel the claim over the phone. You can reference the client's name, member ID, dates of service and or Payer Claim # when calling.  
  • If the payer requires a voided/cancelled claim to be submitted, request the original claim number. This number will come directly from the payer.
  • Open the claim that was submitted in error and click Edit to Resubmit.
    • Scroll down to box 22 and select Cancellation. Please note that when you submit a claim electronically through SimplePractice, you do not need to include a frequency code.
    • Enter the claim # provided by the payer in the Original Ref. Number field.
    • Next, click Save and Submit.Choose Cancellation in box 22
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