Switching to SimplePractice FAQs

Below you'll find answers to all of the frequently asked questions we've seen about making the switch to SimplePractice.

How do I start the Switching process?

SimplePractice has made switching from another EHR easier than ever, and it only takes 3 straightforward steps. Our Switching Team is here to guide you along the way and to make sure there’s a smooth transition into your new SimplePractice account. You can learn all about the Switching process in this guide: How to Switch to SimplePractice. If you have any questions, you can contact our Switching Team.

What if my EHR is not on the list of exporting instructions?

We have put together a list of common EHRs and the client demographics exporting instructions here. If you don't see your EHR on this list, we suggest contacting your current EHR's Support Team directly to gather exporting instructions. Once you have your client data exported, you can proceed to Step 2 in our Switching process.

What client information can I import into SimplePractice?

You can see exactly which information we can import for you during the Switching process in the Switching template:  

In case you're looking to import information beyond what the Switching template offers, contact our Switching Team

How do I submit my client list to the Switching Team for import?

To securely submit your client list for import, please store your client list under Jamie Appleseed’s Stored Documents section. We ask that you do not send your client list to us as an email attachment as this is not a secure way of sharing your clients' data. When you have uploaded the client list under Jamie Appleseed’s Stored section in your SimplePractice account, please contact our Switching Team to let us know that we can begin your import.

How much does importing data cost?

Our Switching process, including importing your client list, is completely free of charge. You can contact our Switching team to learn more. 

How do I import past progress notes and documents?

We offer two HIPAA-compliant ways for you to store and access clients’ past progress notes and documents in your SimplePractice account:

Option 1: Keep an archive of all of your client notes by creating a ZIP file of all of your notes that you’ve exported from your previous EHR. Upload this ZIP file into the Business Documents section of your account. This option is best if you don’t plan to access these notes regularly.

Option 2: Keep an archive for each individual client that you’ll potentially access more frequently by creating a ZIP file of the notes for each client. Upload the correct file to the Stored Documents box in the client’s profile.

You can learn more on creating a zip file and combining multiple PDF files into one by reviewing the optional Step 4 in our Switching process.

Can I import billing and appointment history for my clients?

At this time, we are not able to import appointment and billing history for your clients. However, this is something that you're able to enter manually. You have the option to enter all of the past appointments in your calendar, and enter and backdate any payments made in the past towards these appointments.

How will I be able to gather the remainder of my clients' demographic information?

SimplePractice has made the switching process simpler and faster than ever by only importing client demographic information shown in the Switching template. The remaining client demographic information is collected directly from your clients using the Mass Document Request tool, which is Step 3 in the Switching process. Your clients will receive an email invitation to the Client Portal, and their information will be saved to their client Overview page once they complete and submit the Demographic form via their portal.

Where do I find the Mass Document Request link?

The link to the Mass Document Request button is provided by our Switching Team upon completion of your client list import. One of the Switching coaches will reach out to you directly to let you know that your client list has been imported and they will provide you with the Mass Document Request button link along with instructions on how to use it.

In case you lose the email with the link that was provided to you, you can recover it by contacting our Switching Team and requesting they provide you with the Mass Document Request link again.

Will the Mass Document Request be sent automatically upon import to all clients listed in the Switching template?

The Mass Document Request will not be sent automatically upon uploading your client list. If you included a valid email address and marked Yes in the Send Client Intake column of the Switching template, you'll be able to manually send the Mass Document Request to your clients. This step is completed by you, and our Switching Team will reach out to you with further instructions along with a link to access the Mass Document Request button after your import has been completed.

What if I don’t want to send the Mass Document Request, or I only want to send it to some clients from the uploaded client list?

The Mass Document Request is not required, but it is recommended. You can choose to not use this feature simply by skipping Step 3 of the Switching process. This means you will need to enter each client’s information manually or send the Demographic form to each client individually.

If you wish to use the Mass Document Request button only for specific clients, you will want to indicate Yes in the Send Client Intake column for clients that you do want to send the Mass Document Request to and for the clients that you do not want to send Mass Document Request to mark No in the Send Client Intake column associated with them. For the clients that you'll be sending the Mass Document Request to, you need to make sure that you include a valid email address in the Switching template when submitting it for import.

Can I use the Mass Document Request button at a later date?

The Mass Document Request button does not expire, and you can choose to use it at any time. However, this is a 1 time button and a non-reversible action, so you'll want to make sure that you prepare all of the Practice Documents prior to using the Mass Document Request button.

Can I send the Mass Document Request to clients that were not imported but rather added manually to my client list?

You will not be able to send the Mass Document Request to manually added clients as this feature is currently only available for the imported client list. You'll need to send a Document Request to each individual client that was manually added separately.

What if I change my mind about who I want to send the mass intake to?

You can make changes in each client’s chart individually prior to using the Mass Document Request. If you marked Yes in the Send Client Intake column when you submitted the list for import, you can change this manually to No on the Client Info page for that specific client by un-checking OK to send email checkbox.

Be sure to check the Email ok box in SimplePractice

This will update the client’s consent to receiving emails from you to No and the Mass Document Request will not be sent to that specific client.

How many clients can I import?

In case you have more than 500 clients in your Switching template, we suggest that you only import your Active Clients to avoid unnecessary clutter in your client list. You can always add your inactive clients manually at a later date and hold onto their records in your personal archive until then.

How long does the import process take?

Once you securely store your import template and send our Switching Team a message letting us know that you've completed this, your client list import will be completed in 1-2 business days.

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