Tax Report: What to do if there's a discrepancy with your Stripe fees

Note: These steps should only be followed if you had a Stripe account before SimplePractice fully integrated Stripe into our Online Payments feature.

If you notice that your 2019 Tax Report doesn't include the total amount in fees you incurred for card processing from the entire year, this is because the SimplePractice 2019 Tax Report only includes the dispute fees incurred since the Online Payments feature was implemented.

If you lost any disputes between January 1st and April 24th, 2019, follow these steps: 
  • Sign in to your Stripe Dashboard 
  • Navigate to Balance > Transactions > Export > Custom Date Range and enter the correct time period for the report
  • Next, click Export

Exporting a Stripe Transactions report

  • Review the exported data to account for lost disputes between January 1 and April 24, 2019.
    • Each lost dispute adds a $15 fee. You’ll need to account for and deduct those fees from the Total Payments Collected in 2019 figure to get an accurate total income.


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