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Rendering provider's taxonomy code: Box 24j

Certain payers will require that the rendering provider's taxonomy code be entered into box 24j of the claim form. This is also directly related to when these payers will also require the ZZ qualifier in box 24i.

Because this requirement will vary from payer to payer, this is a setting that gets enabled from our Administrative backend. After a payer's requirement is verified, our team will turn on this feature for the specific payer IDs that require it.   

Important: This setting is enabled based on the payer ID of the payer that is listed in the client's Billing and Insurance tab found by going to the client's Overview page and clicking Edit Details > Billing and Insurance tab. If a claim is manually edited to list a certain payer ID in box 1 before submitting, the taxonomy code cannot be included in box 24j of the claim regardless of the settings on our end.


  • Why can't I view the rendering provider's taxonomy code in box 24j of my claim submission?
    • This feature is enabled on the back end, which means that this is not a field that you will be able to view or edit on the claim preview in your SimplePractice account. If you'd like to review the information that gets sent to the payer, you can download the PDF version of claim. Upon opening the downloaded PDF, you will see whether or not the rendering provider's taxonomy code was listed in box 24j.

Note: The taxonomy code that gets populated into box 24j of the claims that require it will pull from the rendering provider's SimplePractice account settings under: My Account > Settings > Basic Info > Clinical Info > Taxonomy code.

  • My Claim was rejected due to a missing or invalid taxonomy code in box 24j. How can I fix this?
    • If you ever receive a claim rejection for a missing or invalid taxonomy code in box 24j, you will want to first check in the rendering provider's account settings to make sure that the correct taxonomy code was entered in the appropriate field. You can navigate to this setting by going to My Account > Settings > Basic Info > Clinical Info > Taxonomy code.Enter the correct Taxonomy Code in Clinical Info
    • Next, you can download the claim to check whether or not the taxonomy code populated into box 24j. If the taxonomy code did not populate in this field and you believe that the payer you are billing requires it, reach out to our team and we can verify the requirement with our clearinghouse as well as update the settings from our end. 

Tip: Refer to this guide if you're having trouble determining what your taxonomy code is: How do I find my taxonomy code?



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