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A message from your Insurance Team

In our continuing effort to enhance our services, we are improving our secondary claims submission process.  While we support submitting secondary claims through SimplePractice, for the time being, we recommend that these claims instead be submitted by mail, the provider portal, or another clearinghouse so you can include a copy of the primary Explanation of Benefits.

Tip: Here is a resource to use our system to create, download, and print a CMS 1500 form

Payers will often update their rules and requirements for submitting electronic claims. Though varying from payer to payer, the usual two boxes required for a secondary claim to be filed successfully are box 8 and box 29.

  • Box 8 will detail the information from the primary claim's coordination of benefits (amount paid, remaining amount, adjudication date, and adjustments)
  • Box 29 will contain the amount paid by the patient or their representative for the service, not the amount paid by the primary payer (our clearinghouse has asked to please not send anything in this box).

With these requirements in mind, we recently created an updated claim form with our clearinghouse that is specifically designed for secondary claims. Prior to being made available to all of our customers, our Product and Engineering teams are working to integrate and thoroughly test the updated form within SimplePractice.

We understand how important it is to be able to use one fully integrated platform to file your insurance claims, and we appreciate your patience while we work to streamline this process. When the new secondary claim form is ready for you to use, we’ll be sure to let you know. Have any questions about this? Contact our insurance team so we can assist.

Thank you for your understanding and patience,

The SimplePractice Team

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