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Onboarding Activity Answer Key

Click here to download the Onboarding Activity

Welcome to SimplePractice! We are proud of you for putting in the effort to complete the Onboarding Activity—you're already on your way to running your practice more efficiently.

We encourage you to explore your trial account to complete as many of these tasks as you can on your own. We do know that your time is valuable, so we've also created this answer key if you want to jump ahead to a walkthrough of every step. 

Important: Before attempting the Onboarding Activity, you must complete steps 1-3 of the SimplePractice Quick Start Guide so the required settings are enabled. You can download the full guide here.

Use this tutorial to get yourself back up and running if you find yourself stuck at any point during the Onboarding Activity. Below you can jump to either the section that you are currently working on, or directly to the specific task, to find the answers you need:


Client Portal


Appointment Reminders


 The Client Portal

  • Invite Jamie to the Client Portal by editing their client profile

    1. Search for Jamie Appleseed using the search bar within your SimplePractice account and navigate to their client profile

    2. Click Edit details next to their name

    3. Toggle over to the Client Portal tab

    4. Make sure that your email is selected from the drop-down menu

    5. Click Send Email


  • Log in from their email invitation

    1. Log in to your email account in a new browser window and check your inbox for an email with the Subject title: [Activation Required] Welcome to my Client Portal

    2. Click the activation link and log in using the provided 4 digit password

    3. Follow the on-screen prompts to create a new password that is easy for you to remember (tip: must contain a minimum of 8 characters)

    4. Optional: Explore the features included in the client portal and review the consent documents


  • Share intake forms with Jamie

    1. Navigate to Jamie's profile in your SimplePractice account
    2. Scroll down and look in the right hand panel for the SHARED WITH CLIENT section
    3. Click Share New
    4. Click the check box next to each intake forms you would like to share and customize the message that gets sent
    5. Click Send Message


  • Fill out and digitally sign the intake and demographics forms

    1. Navigate back to the Client Portal – logged in as Jamie
    2. Toggle to the Documents tab
    3. Click the Intake Form under the Needs to be signed or filled out section
    4. Fill out the form if you'd like and scroll to the bottom to click Review
    5. Now you can scroll to the bottom and click Submit & Continue
  • Request an appointment

    1. From Jamie's Client Portal toggle to the Appointments tab
    2. Click an Available date to view the open time slots for that day
    3. On the next screen, click a time slot to send an appointment request
  • Confirm the appointment for Jamie

    1. Navigate back to the calendar homepage of your SimplePractice account
    2. On the left hand panel of this page, you will see a list of all pending appointment requests
    3. Click Accept to approve Jamie's appointment request
    4. Review the confirmation message that will get sent
    5. Click Accept & send message when you're ready to confirm the appointment
  • Send a Secure Message to/from Jamie

    1. From your SimplePractice account click the chat bubble icon in the upper right corner of your screen
    2. Write a short message to Jamie and hit Enter on your keyboard to send
    3. Navigate back to Jamie's Client Portal and "refresh" the webpage to see the message notification in the upper right corner
    4. Reply to the message as Jamie


  • Create an appointment for Jamie and set the location as "Telehealth: Video Office"

    1. From the calendar view, click the time slot you would like to schedule the appointment.
    2. In the Search Client field of the calendar fly-out, enter Jamie Appleseed and click their name
    3. Select: Telehealth: Video Office from the drop-down menu
    4. Click Done to save the appointment
  • Click Share link to email Jamie

    1. From the calendar view, click the scheduled Telehealth appointment (indicated with a video icon)
    2. Click Share link in the upper right of the calendar fly-out
  • Join video call as Jamie from the emailed link of your mobile phone

    1. Check your email inbox for an email with the subject title: Video Appointment Reminder for [appointment date]
    2. Open the email
    3. Scroll down to the line that says: Your unique video appointment link: Join Video Call and click the blue text. This will take you to the Telehealth mobile app to join the video appointment
  • Click Start video call from your calendar on your desktop

    1. From the calendar view of your SimplePractice account click the scheduled Telehealth appointment and click Start video session to join the call as the clinician

 Appointment Reminders

  • Enter your phone number and enable SMS text reminders for Jamie

    1. Navigate to Jamie's profile in your SimplePractice account
    2. Click Edit on the top of their profile
    3. Under the Phone section of their settings, make sure your mobile phone is entered and check: Text message ok
    4. Scroll down and click Save Client to keep these changes
  • Add an appointment for Jamie that occurs in 24 hours

    1. Click the orange +Create button at the top of your SimplePractice account
    2. Select Create Appointment from the top of your screen
    3. Follow the on screen prompts to create an appointment that starts in 24 hours
    4. Click Done to save the appointment settings 


  • Add an appointment with Jamie from your calendar and edit the session fee

    1. From the calendar view, click the time slot you would like to schedule the appointment.
    2. In the Search Client field of the calendar fly-out, enter Jamie Appleseed and click their name
    3. Update the appointment fee directly in the calendar fly-out (Note: this will only change the appointment fee for this one date of service. Click here if you'd like to offer a sliding-scale rate for a particular client)
    4. Click Done to keep these changes
  • Add a cash payment to Jamie's account from the Billing tab of their client profile

  • Create a Statement for Jamie from their Billing tab

    1. Navigate to Jamie Appleseed's client profile from the RECENTLY VIEWED list on the left hand side of your calendar home page
    2. Toggle to the Billing tab of their profile
    3. Click Create New and select Statement from the drop-down menu (Note: you can select what date range you'd like to create a statement for)
  • Review Jamie's Billing & Payments tab in the Client Portal

    1. From Jamie's Client Portal toggle to the Billing & Payments tab in their Client Portal to view all of the billing documents they have access to 
    2. From this page, click the Statement you just created to review


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