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What should I update in SimplePractice when I move my office location?

What should I update in SimplePractice when I move my office location?

When you move offices, there are a few different things to keep in mind to make sure that your transition is as seamless as possible. In your SimplePractice account, you'll need to do the following:

Additionally, if you file claims through SimplePractice, you'll also need to make sure to notify the insurance payers you work with by contacting them directly. After updating the address that the payers have on file for you, you will also need to make sure that your SimplePractice account reflects those changes: 

It's also important to update the business address associated with your Online Payments account if you have one so that your 1099-K forms are sent to the correct address:

Important: In addition to the insurance payers, be sure to take into consideration all outside parties that may need to be notified of your address change as well. 

Add the new office location

When you move office locations, you'll want to update this in SimplePractice, so that your appointments, documents, and billing all reflect the correct place of service. There will never be a charge associated with adding an additional location to your account. To do this:

  • Navigate to Settings > My Practice > Locations
  • Click Add a Location and add your new office location


    • You can also include an Insurance Place of Service code for the new location
  • Click Save

See Adding office locations for more information regarding adding a billing address, and hiding or publicly displaying your new office location. 

Update your Availability

When moving office locations, your set Availability won’t automatically transfer to your new office location. To update your Availability:

  • Navigate to the Calendar homepage
  • Click Availability
  • Click any relevant Availability block
  • In the Edit Availability window, select the locations you’d like available


  • Click Save
  • Repeat for all relevant Availability blocks

Note: For recurring Availability blocks, select This and all future events

Update upcoming appointments

Once a new location is added, you can update your upcoming appointments if they’ll be held at the new office location. To update upcoming appointments:

  • Navigate to the Calendar homepage
  • Click any relevant appointment to open the calendar flyout
  • Select the Location from the drop-down


  • Click Done
  • Repeat for any other relevant appointments 

Note: For recurring appointment series, select This and all future appointments

Tip: Be sure to update all future appointments and Availability blocks. We recommend scrolling forward through your calendar to confirm that all of your recurring, as well as standalone events, are updated.  

Delete your old office location

If your practice will no longer be operating out of your old office location, deleting the location will prevent future confusion for clients. To delete your old office location: 

Important: Only delete the old office location after you've finished creating insurance claims and superbills for appointments that occurred there. After an office location is deleted from your practice, any existing upcoming appointments tied to that office location will need to be assigned a new office location.

  • Navigate to Settings > My Practice > Locations
  • Click the trash icon


  • Click Permanently Delete This Office

Update insurance settings and enrollment

If your practice bills to insurance, updating your insurance settings and enrollments to reflect your new office location will prevent undesired hold ups and claim rejections. To update insurance setting and enrollment:

  • Navigate to Settings > Billing and InsuranceInsurance 
  • Confirm that your new address is listed in the Billing Provider Info (Box 33) section, according to what the payer has on file

Important: Make sure to update your address by reaching out to payers directly. Otherwise, you may experience claim denials, rejections, and/or get your checks and EOBs sent to your old address.

Note: To learn more about the steps involved in updating your enrollments, see How to update your enrollment information in SimplePractice

Update Online Payments address

1099-K forms will be sent to the address listed in your Online Payments profile. To update the address where this is sent: 

  • Navigate to Settings > Billing and Payments > Online Payments
  • Click Edit email or address
  • Update the Business address
  • Click Save changes

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