Creating invoices for non-appointment fees only: Charging for a Product in SimplePractice

There may be times where you need to create invoices for non-appointment fees only, like for fees related to a book or a workshop you offered. These billable, non-appointment items are called Products in SimplePractice. In these cases, you can create stand-alone invoices to charge your client for Products only. 

Note: To learn more about how to add billable Products to your account, see Adding a product.

How to create an invoice for Products only

  • Navigate to the client's Billing page.
  • Click + Create New > Invoice.
  • Click OK.

Setting an invoice without an appointment attachedNote: You will only see the No valid appointments for invoicing popup if all existing appointments are already invoiced. If all existing appointments are not already invoiced, create invoices for those appointments first. To learn how to create a new invoice for appointments, see Creating invoices.  

  • Click Add Line Item.

Adding a Line Item in an invoice

  • Click + Add for each Product you want to add to the invoice. Click the X when you're done.

Confirm to add the new line item to the invoice

  • After the Product has been added to the invoice, you can make edits to the amount or description as needed. 

You can make edits once it has been added

  • Click Save

Note: To learn how to add Products to appointment invoices, see Charging a client non-appointment fees: Using Products in SimplePractice

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