Adding a note and an assessment to an appointment

You may want to use multiple note templates like a Standard Progress Note as well as a Biopsychosocial Assessment for the same appointment. Currently, only one note template can be used per appointment on a client's chart in SimplePractice. 

However, if you'd like to use multiple note templates for the same appointment, you can do one of the following options:

Important: If you're going to use the method of creating a duplicate appointment, keep in mind places this will populate, such as your claim forms. If you're running a cash-only practice, this method may work for you. However, if you're taking insurance, we recommend creating a custom note template instead to minimize administrative issues when filing claims. 

Note: Refer to My Notes and Forms: Creating customized client intake and progress note templates to learn how to customize your note templates.  

Create a custom note template combining two different templates

  • Navigate to My Account > Settings > Notes and Forms 
  • Click + Create New Template > Select from Library 
  • Click + Add next to the first of the two templates you want to combine
  • Click the new template you just added to your My Notes & Forms section 
  • Click Add New to manually add questions from another template, into this template

Combining different templates

Tip: Open the other template in a new tab of your browser so you can easily refer to it as you're inputting questions into the first template. 

After you've created the custom note template that combines two different templates, you can select this template to add a note for any future appointments. 

Note: See How to add progress and psychotherapy notes to learn how to add a note to an appointment. 

Create a duplicate appointment to add a second note template

  • Create a custom service code with a $0 fee

Note: To learn how to create custom service codes, see How to use and create service codes.  

Create a service code witha $0 fee

Tip: The description for this custom service code can be the title of the note template you want to use. For example, you can call it "Biopsychosocial Assessment". 

  • Create a duplicate appointment on the calendar using the custom service code
You can create a duplicate appointment in SimplePractice with a custom service code

You can select a second note template for the duplicate appointment you created. This will allow you to add an assessment or any other type of additional documentation for the same day and time, without billing the client for an extra appointment. 

You can also use the new custom service code you created for all future appointments where you want to use the same additional note template. 

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