Tax report FAQs

Towards the end of each year, you can request the current year's tax report by navigating to Reports > Request your [year] report.


You can find the answers to frequently asked questions about the tax report below: 

How do I generate a tax report?

Navigate to Reports > Performance Reports and click Request your [year] report. An email will automatically be sent to you shortly after that includes the link to download your tax report. You'll need to be logged into your SimplePractice account to be able to download the tax report from the email. 


This link will be available to use for 24 hours. If 24 hours pass and the link expires, you can generate a new tax report from your account.

You can also navigate to My Account > Settings > Data Export to download the tax report after generating it from Reports. The link to download from this page will also expire after 24 hours. 

I'm not able to read my tax report because it's showing in code. How do I download it so I can read it?

If you're using Safari to download and open the tax report, it may be reading the file incorrectly as a webpage. Instead of clicking the link to download the file normally, we recommend the following:

  • Navigate to My Account > Settings > Data Export
  • Right-click the Click here to download link under your tax report
  • Click Download Linked File
  • Open the downloaded file from your spreadsheet program on your computer


What does the tax report look like? What information is included in it?

This is an example of what the SimplePractice tax report looks like: 


In this report, you'll find the following: 

  • Total payments collected in the year
  • Total tax deductible expenses in the year
  • Client payments
  • Client write-offs
  • Insurance payments
  • Insurance write-offs
  • Tax deductible Stripe processing expense 
  • Tax deductible insurance claim processing expense (fees for submitting claims through SimplePractice)
  • Tax deductible SimplePractice expense (monthly and/or annual SimplePractice subscription fees) 
  • List of all payments recorded in your account

Can I get the tax report early?

There isn't a way to get the tax report early because the system uses data recorded throughout the entire year to create the report. 

If you need data about your income for a specific period of time, we recommend the following:


This report will list all of the payments you recorded during the date range selected. See Exporting private practice billing data to Quickbooks or Excel to learn more. 

Can I get a previous year's tax report?

There isn't a way to generate a tax report for a previous year. Once a new tax report year is available, you will no longer be able to generate a tax report for a different year. The system is built to only create the most recent year's tax report so that nonessential data from your account isn't constantly stored.

Tax reports for each year are ready to download towards the end of the year, and are made available to download until the following year's tax report is ready. 

It's up to the Account Owner to generate the tax report each year in a timely manner. 

If you need data about your income from a previous year, you can navigate to BillingExport Transactions and generate a report there as well. 

I no longer have a SimplePractice account. Can I get a tax report from when I was using SimplePractice?

When a SimplePractice account is canceled or expired, we no longer hold onto the data from that account. All account data is deleted upon account termination to protect client PHI, which you can find detailed in our Terms of Service

We're not able to create a tax report if you no longer have an account with us because we cannot retrieve the deleted data. 

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