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Managing your client profiles through Enhanced Client Management

Managing your client profiles through Enhanced Client Management

With Enhanced Client Management, you have greater flexibility in managing your minor and couple client profiles. 

To manage your clients and contacts, you can click Clients from your Calendar homepage. 



For minors, Enhanced Client Management introduces the ability to create contact profiles that you can add to minor client profiles. Creating separate profiles for minor clients and their contacts gives you the option to grant Client Portal access, send appointment reminders, send documents, and more, for both clients and their contacts individually. 

If you've been working with minor clients for some time, you may have duplicate profiles for their parent or guardian contact so that they would be able to log in to multiple Client Portals for their minor children. You can follow this guide to learn how to merge these duplicate profiles so that contacts can have just 1 profile to use moving forward: Enhanced Client Management for Minors


Enhanced Client Management also introduces the ability to work with couples in a new way. You can now create joint profiles for couple clients and also have individual profiles for them. These files are kept separate, so changes that are made to either file are independent of each other. This will give you greater flexibility because a note, diagnosis, or bill added to a couple profile will not appear on the individual client profile, and vice versa. 

If you previously had couple appointments added to your calendar, the system will automatically scan your account for these clients and give you the option to create couple profiles for them. You can learn more about managing potential couple clients in this guide: Enhanced Client Management for Couples

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