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Assisting clients with Instant Sign In for the Client Portal

Assisting clients with Instant Sign In for the Client Portal

With Instant Sign In, your clients can now log into their Client Portal with ease. They'll simply enter their email address to request a new Instant Sign In link each time they want to log in. This eliminates the need for your clients to memorize a password, saves both of you time in troubleshooting login issues, and improves the overall security of their Client Portal account. 

Below, we'll cover the following topics: 

Note: To view the client's perspective of signing into the Client Portal using Instant Sign In, or to share a detailed walkthrough of these steps with a client, we've created a downloadable PDF guide. To access this resource, see Getting started guides for clients: How to log in to the Client Portal

Inviting new clients to the Client Portal using Instant Sign In

  • When you invite a new client to the Client Portal, the date that the invitation was sent will display in their client Overview page > Edit > Client Portal tab.


  • From the client's end, they'll receive an invitation email with a unique link that allows them to sign into their Client Portal for the first time.


  • Upon clicking the unique link, the client's browser will open your practice Client Portal in a new tab and automatically sign the client in. 

Troubleshooting Instant Sign In

If a client is reporting that they're not receiving the Client Portal invitation email, or if they're having trouble using Instant Sign In, you may need to work with them to help them gain access.  

From the clinician's perspective, it will be most important to verify that the email the client is attempting to sign in with matches exactly with the email address that's associated with their Client Portal. You can check this by looking at the email address listed on their client Overview page > Edit > Client Portal tab.

From the client's perspective, we also offer best practice tips to help make their experience as seamless as possible. 

  • After they've entered their email address from the sign in page, if they still haven't received the invitation email, they can click Try these tips to make sure they're not missing any pieces: 


  • They'll see 3 different tips they can try to troubleshoot the sign in problem. If they're still unable to sign in to the Client Portal after trying these 3 tips, they can click Sign In via Pin code


  • Then they'll be directed to call your practice to receive a 6-digit Pin code from you. The phone number that populates here comes from your Practice Details page in your settings.


  • When you receive the call from the client, navigate to their client Overview page > Edit > Client Portal tab. Click Generate Pin Code


  • Share the automatically generated 6-digit pin code with the client over the phone. Like the unique sign in links, the pin code can only be used once and automatically expires in 24 hours. The client will need to request a new pin code from you if their pin code expires or if they want to log in using this method in the future. 


Important: If you provide a client with a temporary sign-in Pin Code, make sure to confirm with them that they're using the correct email address for their Client Portal account. Even with the Pin Code, they won't be able to sign in without the correct email.

  • The client can enter the 6-digit pin code and click Sign In to log into their Client Portal. 


Additional tips about Instant Sign In

  • We recommend encouraging existing clients to bookmark your Client Portal homepage in their browser so they can quickly access it when they need it. You can also include the link to your Client Portal homepage on your practice website so clients can easily find it from any device with internet connection. 
  • Clients must use the most recent sign in link in their inbox. If a client has requested a sign in link multiple times and clicks an older link when a newer one exists, they will not be able to sign into the Client Portal. 

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