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Upcoming billing feature updates

Upcoming billing feature updates

Our new, re-imagined billing system is more powerful, flexible, and easier to use than ever. We've created a new appointment-focused system with a brand-new client billing page to take away some of the guesswork that can come with client billing. We wanted to make it easier for you to see the status of each appointment and more effortlessly identify what needs your attention at a glance. 

Moving forward, Self-Pay clients won't have an Insurance column in their file to minimize confusion. This will direct the focus to information that's most important for billing Self-Pay clients. In a similar vein, Insurance clients will have an additional column in their file so that you can easily see their insurance responsibility, insurance balance, and any partial payments made by insurance.

We're also introducing a new way to create invoices, superbills, and claims. You'll now have more control over which appointments are selected to be on any of these billing documents. This update will lay the groundwork for additional billing features that'll be coming later this year.

We know that changes, even positive ones, can pose a bit of a learning curve. This is why we're giving you the ability to switch back to the Classic View of your client billing by clicking Switch to Classic View whenever you'd like so that you can learn the new features at your own pace. This will help make the transition easier and more seamless to give you the confidence you need to delve into this new and exciting way of billing in SimplePractice.

You can read more about these updates here:  Using the client Billing Overview page.

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