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Getting Started with Telehealth on-demand class

Getting Started with Telehealth on-demand class

About the class

The Getting Started with Telehealth class is designed to help you successfully use Telehealth by SimplePractice. You’ll learn how our Telehealth feature works, how to prepare your environment for Telehealth appointments, and how to set your clients up for success with this feature. You’ll also hear frequently asked Telehealth questions and common troubleshooting recommendations. For a written version of this class, see Getting started with Telehealth.

Video player controls

Hover your mouse over the video to access the following options. 

  • To view the video in full screen mode, click wistia, and to exit, click it again or press esc
  • To display the chapter list, click and select a chapter
  • To change the speed or quality of the video, click, and choose the option you prefer
  • To change the volume, click, and drag the circle up or down
  • To enable or disable closed captioning and search the transcript, click

Helpful guides


Class Introduction

Part 1. Preparing your office for Telehealth appointments

Part 2. Preparing your clients for Telehealth appointments

Part 3. Troubleshooting Telehealth

Part 4. Telehealth frequently asked questions

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