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Paperless Intakes on-demand class

Paperless Intakes on-demand class

About the class

In the Paperless Intakes class, we'll discuss the best practices for setting up the different types of Intake documents and Consent forms you can share with your clients electronically.

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Part 1. Quick tour: Share intakes and review responses

Agenda: Practice adding a client and sharing intake documents

In Part 1, we'll review how to share intake forms with your client. We'll preview what the forms look like from the client's perspective. Last, we'll review how to access the completed forms in the client files.


Part 2. Customize intake documents

Agenda: Review how to customize consent forms and intake forms

In Part 2, we'll walk through the entire process of customizing your intake documents and using other helpful forms and templates. 


Part 3. Template library

Agenda: Review template options available in the Template library 

In Part 3, we'll do a quick preview of how to access the Template library and the template options available there.


Part 4. (Optional) Template editor

Agenda: Review how to edit a template 

In Part 4, we'll review more details about how to edit a template using the Template Editor.


Part 5. (Optional) Preview of each Template element 

In this optional Part 5, we preview each question type available in the Template Editor.

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