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How Monarch profiles are ranked

How Monarch profiles are ranked

Monarch is designed to connect therapy seekers with the care they need, when they need it. Our mission is twofold—creating an optimal experience for people seeking mental health resources and support, while giving every therapist a fair chance to attract new clients. 

To accomplish this, we leverage an ever-evolving algorithm to ensure fairness in how therapist profiles are displayed in the Monarch Directory. In addition to factors like profile completeness, therapist availability, and location, the algorithm also accounts for randomization to ensure similar profiles are weighted and displayed equally. 

Below are a few tips to improve the quality of your profile and bolster its placement for therapy seekers searching on Monarch:

Note: See Updating your Public Information settings for more detailed steps on updating your information for Monarch and the Professional Website. 

  • Upload a clear, high-resolution profile photo
    • A good first impression with prospective clients starts with a great headshot. 
    • To upload a profile photo: 
      • Go to Settings > Public Information
      • Click Edit in the Basic Information section
      • Upload an image under Profile Image and click Save
      • profileimage.simplepractice.publicinformation.jpg
  • Write an authentic biography
    • Tell prospective clients who you are and why you might be the right fit for them. Remember to keep this section focused on how you could serve prospective clients, and less about your personal accolades. The sweet spot for a great bio is about 3-6 sentences.
    • To add your biography: 
      • Go to Settings > Public Information 
      • Click Edit in the Your Information section 
      • Enter your biography in the Intro Bio field and click Save
      • introbio.simplepractice.publicinformation.jpg
  • Include specialties and services
    • Your profile is your first chance to connect with prospective clients. By including an accurate list of your specialties and services, you can provide important transparency into your unique offering.
    • To add your specialties and services: 
      • Go to Settings > Public Information 
      • Click Edit in the Focus Areas section 
      • Enter and select a focus area in the search field to add it to your list
      • Click the six dots and drag the items in your list based on the order you want for them to appear 
        • The first 5 focus areas on your list will be labeled as your Specialties in Monarch and will be searchable by therapy seekers
        • focusarea.simplepractice.publicinformation.jpg
  • Enable online appointment requests 
    • Make it easy for your prospective clients to book with you. Keep your availability up to date and be sure to respond to online appointment requests within 72 hours to ensure therapy seeker’s needs are being met.
  • Enable Online Payments
    • Profiles with Online Payments stand out to therapy seekers looking for convenience when finding and booking with a therapist. Accepting credit cards also reduces no-show rates for you.
  • Enable Secure Messaging 

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