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Using practice reminders

Using practice reminders

Practice reminders will populate in the Reminders tab on your Calendar homepage: 


In this guide, we’ll cover:

Reminders overview

The Reminders tab will display your custom reminders at the top and automated reminders directly under. For more information on custom reminders, see: Creating customer practice reminders. Automated reminders are auto-generated to notify you of items pertinent to your practice.  Under Automated reminders, you'll see populate in your Reminders tab:

Account management

  • Verifying your email address
  • Upcoming client birthdays

Client billing

  • AutoPay reminders
  • Outstanding client balances
  • Expired client cards
  • Clients with uninvoiced amounts


  • Missing Diagnosis & Treatment Plans
  • A Diagnosis & Treatment Plan needs review
  • Outstanding document requests
  • Missing progress notes
  • Missing Mental Status Exams
  • Good Faith Estimate expiration


  • Rejected/denied claims
  • A Payment Report updates a client’s appointment
  • An enrollment requires additional paperwork or is missing
  • A client’s insurance authorization expires soon
  • Insurance payment received
  • Insurance payment includes unallocated funds


  • A client unsubscribed to email or text reminders
  • Email to a client or team member failed


  • Google Calendar sync ended
  • A client’s recurring appointment series is ending

These automatic reminders can’t be customized and are enabled for all practices by default. They can’t be turned on or off. To learn how to dismiss reminders after you’ve viewed them, see: Dismissing reminders.

Note: Each team member will only see reminders that are catered to their designated team member role. See Team member roles and access levels to learn more about each role. 

On the Reminders tab, you can click the arrow next to each reminder series to expand it and view each individual reminder by client and date.


Dismissing reminders

If you'd like to dismiss a reminder, hover over the line item and click the trash can icon. This will clear it from the Reminders tab and decrease the reminder count.


To delete all reminders, click Delete all at the top of the Reminders tab.


The following reminders will be automatically dismissed once the task has been completed:



Verifying your email address

When your email address has been confirmed

Upcoming client birthdays

The day after the client’s birthday has passed

AutoPay reminders

When AutoPay is attempted and successfully charges the client

Outstanding client balances

When a client’s balance returns to $0

Expired client cards

When the expired card is updated/deleted

Clients with uninvoiced amounts

When invoices are created for the appointment(s)

Missing Diagnosis & Treatment Plans

When a Diagnosis & Treatment Plan is created for the client

Diagnosis & Treatment Plan needs review

When the reminder date of the Diagnosis & Treatment Plan has been changed

Outstanding document requests

When the client completes the document requests or after you delete the document requests on your end

Missing progress notes

When a progress note is created for the appointment(s)

Missing Mental Status Exam

When a Mental Status Exam is created for the client

Rejected claims

When the claim is saved

An enrollment requires additional paperwork

When additional paperwork has been submitted

An enrollment is missing

When at least one client has been assigned to that insurance payer and enrollment has not yet been submitted

A client’s insurance authorization expires soon

When the Authorization tracking number is deleted or the Remind me 1 month before expiring checkbox is deselected for that client

Insurance payment received

When the insurance payment is updated

Insurance payment includes unallocated funds

When the full amount is allocated correctly, including any necessary write offs

A client’s recurring appointment series is ending

The day after the last appointment in the series or if the series is deleted

Creating custom practice reminders

You can create custom reminders and use the Reminders tab as a to-do list. 

To create a custom reminder:

  • Navigate to the  Reminders tab
  • Click + Add in the top right corner


  • Add your reminder information
    • There’s a 500 character limit for each custom reminder
    • Hitting Enter or Return on your keyboard will automatically create another custom reminder directly underneath

New custom reminders will automatically be added to the bottom of the Incomplete list. To reorder your reminders:

  • Hover your mouse over the reminder
  • Click the 6 dots to the left of the reminder


  • Drag it up or down to move its position

To mark a custom reminder as Completed:

  • Hover your mouse over the reminder
  • Click the empty circle to the left of the reminder


Note: You can also complete the reminder by clicking the 3 dots > Mark as complete.

Once a reminder is marked as Completed, it’ll turn green and automatically be removed from the Incomplete list and moved to the Completed list. You can use the drop down menu to filter between Incomplete and Completed reminders.


Note: To edit a completed reminder, you’ll want to unmark it as completed first.  

Balance reminders

If you dismiss a balance reminder for a client, it won’t appear again until that client's balance changes. If you accidentally dismiss a client's balance reminder, you can make it reappear by following these steps:

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