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Getting Started with SimplePractice Learning

Getting Started with SimplePractice Learning

SimplePractice Learning is a continuing education marketplace that offers a curated library of enriching, high-quality CE courses for licensed and pre-licensed mental health professionals. Before you begin enrolling in courses, you can sign up for a SimplePractice Learning account. 

Note: This is separate from your SimplePractice account. 

This guide will help you get started with your SimplePractice Learning account. Below, we’ll cover:

Note: There’s no fee associated with creating a SimplePractice Learning account. Instead, you can purchase individual courses or collections. We also offer several free courses you can take. To learn more, see our SimplePractice Learning FAQs.

Signing in to SimplePractice Learning

The SimplePractice Learning platform is independent of our SimplePractice practice management platform. To sign in to your SimplePractice Learning account:

  • Navigate to SimplePractice Learning
  • Click Sign insignin.spl.homepage.png
  • Enter the email address and password associated with your SimplePractice Learning account
    • This may be different from your SimplePractice login credentials
  • Click Sign in

Tip: If you’re having trouble signing in to your SimplePractice Learning account, you can reset your password by clicking Forgot your password?

Browsing the course catalog

The course catalog contains all courses SimplePractice Learning is currently offering. You can browse the Catalog for relevant courses, where you can search for a term or filter content by:

  • Approval Boards
  • Topic
  • Cost
  • CE Hours

To remove a filter, click X


Note: You’ll also receive personalized course recommendations based on your requirements and interests on your Dashboard.

To learn more about a course, click Details. You can view information About the course, Instructor, CE Approvals, and More info on the course page.


Note: Be sure to review the CE approvals for each course and contact your state licensing board directly if you have questions about whether a course will meet your requirements. To learn more, see our Continuing education approval statements.

Registering for a course

When you’re ready, you can enroll in a course from the course page. To do this:

  • Select the number of seats you’d like to enrollselectseats.spl.coursepage.png

Note: For group enrollments over 25, please contact our support team.

  • Click Add to cart 
  • Proceed to Checkout
  • Review your address information
    • If applicable, enter your Coupon code and click Apply
  • Click Enter payment information
  • Review your payment information
    • If you’d like to change the card on file, click the pencil icon, edit the card details, then click Saveeditcard.spl.securecheckout.png
  • Check the box to agree to the Terms of Use
  • Select Place your order

After you enroll in a course, it will be added to the My learning section of your Dashboard.

Note: While SimplePractice Learning courses approvals apply to mental health licensure renewal, anyone can enroll, regardless of professional licensure status.

Your Dashboard

The Dashboard is where you can track your CE progress, access courses and certificates, see courses recommended for you, and manage your account.


Below the progress tracker, you’ll see 3 tabs:

  • My learning, where you can start or resume courses
  • Completed, where you can view completed courses
  • Certificates, where you can manage certificates

To learn more about managing your account information from the Dashboard, see Updating your account or license information.

To play a course:

  • Navigate to Dashboard > My learning
  • Click Start Course or Continue to open the course

To the left of the course player, you’ll see a menu with four sections: 

  • Lessons
  • Progress
  • Resources
  • Notes

You can click a section to expand or collapse it.


The Lessons section includes the course outline. Most SimplePractice Learning courses will have Course slides, Videos, a Completion quiz, and a Satisfaction survey

If you’d like to print or download course slides, click the print or download icon in the upper right corner of the viewer.


To navigate to the next page or previous lesson, click the blue arrows above and below the viewer. For videos, you can use the progress bar to skip ahead or rewind to a section.


Videos include accessibility tools such as closed captions and a searchable video transcript. There’s also the option to adjust the volume, playback speed, and quality, as well as expand the video to full screen view. 

Note: You can access courses from anywhere on a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a reliable internet connection. If you’re experiencing issues with video playback, clear your browser cache and update your browser to the latest version.


You’ll see the percentage of the course that you’ve completed in the Progress section.



The Resources section will include resources referenced during the course, which you can view or download.



You can use the Notes section to take notes on a course. These will be saved within the course when you click Save Note.


Completing the course quiz and survey

You must complete all sections of a course, including the completion quiz and satisfaction survey, to receive your completion certificate.

After you watch the videos, you can take the completion quiz. To do this:

  • Click Start quiz
  • Select an answer
    • Your selection will be highlighted in green if it’s correct or red if it’s incorrect
  • Click Next questionnextquestion.spl.completionquiz.png
  • Continue until you complete the quiz
  • Click See results

Most completion quizzes require an 80% or higher to pass. If you don’t pass the quiz, you’ll have the option to Retake quiz and Review question results.

Once you've passed the quiz, click Continue to next lesson to advance to the satisfaction survey.


The satisfaction survey is where you can provide feedback on the course content and learning experience, and it's required to complete the course. To submit your survey responses, click Complete survey.

Once a course is completed, it will move to the Completed section of your Dashboard.

Managing your certificates

To view your course completion certificates:

  • Navigate to the Dashboard
  • Select Certificates
  • Click View certificateviewcertificate.spl.certificates.png

When viewing the certificate, you’ll have the option to download it as a PDF.

If you’d like to upload a certificate to your SimplePractice Learning account, you can:

  • Select Upload third-party certificate
  • Click Choose filechoosefile.spl.certificates.png
  • Select the file you want to upload
  • Enter the Course Title
  • Click Submit

Updating your account or license information

To update your account or license information: 

  • Navigate to the Dashboard 
  • Click the Profile icon in the upper right
  • Select Profileprofile.spl.dashboard.png

Profile info

On the Profile info tab, you can change your First name and Last name, and upload a profile image.


Account info

You can change your email, password, and address on the Account info tab.

Credit Card

From the Credit Card tab, enter your Card number, MM/YY, and CVC.


When you’re done, click SaveThis new card will be used for all future payments.

License info

You can update your license information in the License info tab. To do this:

  • Click Edit license information


Important: Updating your license information will update the details listed on your course certificates. If you need your past certificates to reflect your old credentials, download them from Dashboard > Certificates before making any changes.

  • Edit your license details as needed
    • If you have multiple licenses, enter these in the Any other licenses you want on certificates? field
  • Click Start learning to save your changes


On the Purchases tab, you can view the details of your transactions. To download your purchase details as a CSV file, click Download.


Getting help

The SimplePractice Learning platform is separate from our practice management software, with an independent support team that’s here to help you make the most of your continuing education experience. 

To connect with our SimplePractice Learning team via email, click the ? Help button in your SimplePractice Learning account. 



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