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Recording client medications in SimplePractice

Recording client medications in SimplePractice

While SimplePractice doesn’t offer e-prescribing, you’re able to request and document a client’s list of medications in their file for easy reference.

In this guide, we’ll review:

Requesting medications during the intake process

When beginning to work with clients, clinicians may request an up-to-date list of medications from their clients or contacts. To streamline this process, you can request this information using Paperless Intakes. For instructions on how to create a custom intake form template and share it via the Client Portal, see:

Once the intake form has been completed by the client, you can access it from the client’s Overview page in the Shared with client section.


Note: If you need to request medications from a third party, such as a client’s family member or doctor, you can also add them as a contact to securely share your information request. To learn more, see: Enhanced Client Management for minors.

Adding medications to Client Notes

Many clinicians choose to keep an updated medication list in the Client Notes section of the client’s file.

Note: For more information regarding editing a client’s file, see: Editing a client's information.

To do this:

  • Navigate to the client’s Overview page
  • Click Edit


  • Scroll down to the Client Notes section in the Client Info tab


  • In the Client Notes field, include the client’s current list of medications and prescriptions
  • Select Save Client

Once the list is saved to the Client Notes field, it can be edited at any time in case there’s a change to the client’s medications or dosage.

Any information entered in the Client Notes field will be included in the Contacts section of a data export. To learn more about data exports, see: Data export: Exporting client information.

Important: For group practices, the Client Notes section is visible to multiple clinical and non-clinical roles. To learn more about which team members can view this field, see: Team member roles and access levels.

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