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How do I add a write-off amount from the billing page in a client chart?



  • Peter Winslett

    Yes, can someone answer this question please?


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  • Noah Shields

    agreed, i need this answer as well. how do i add a write off amount if insurance did not give a check number because there was no funds to be had.

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  • Shona Maddocks

    I am also looking for an answer to this question. I know how to do the write-offs for insurance payments, but there is nowhere to make the adjustment when a client pays.

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  • Jessica Parker

    I also need an answer to this question. Thank you!

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  • Patricia Bryant-Renfro

    I am looking for an answer to this question as well.

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  • Deborah Vara

    I need an answer as well.

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  • Christina J. Stein

    also need an answer. Hello? Anyone monitoring this site? I am relatively new to SP and have been using it for about 5 months. I have to say I am dismayed to see the lack of response to our questions on this site. What is everyone doing? Calling in to get an answer instead? Why even have this as an option if no one looks at it?

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