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Data Export Error



  • Lori Umemoto

    I am having the same problem. When I try to open a downloaded client file, it says Windows cannot complete the extraction. The destination path is too long. Rename the Compressed folder and try again. I've downloaded the client file over and over again and then occasionally, it finally asks for the password and then I can open the files. But it's haphazard like playing roulette.

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  • Ashley Green

    I'm having the same problem!  I'm trying to contact Simple Practice via phone, and I'm not getting anywhere with that either. 

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  • Andrew S. Bailey

    This is an incredibly unnecessary and kind of dumb problem.  They could easily make it so that the file names are shorter, they just choose not to.  They could also easily answer this question.  


    Here's the solution for a Windows PC.  Basically, you have to extract the file, and then you can modify the names of the folders. 

    #1 - Go to the folder that holds the file, probably C:\Downloads.  That's where most downloaded files automatically go.

    #2 - Right click on the file that was downloaded.  It'll be the most recent downloaded file, most likely.  It'll be called something ridiculously long like this: ""  After right-clicking on the file, a menu should pop up.  Go down until you find the option "Extract All"

    #3 - A new window will pop up instructing you to Select a destination for your files to go to.  The default name will be almost the same is the aforementioned file that we're attempting to extract.  I suggest choosing a shorter name this time so you can actually open your files.

    #4 - Press Extract.

    #5 - Go to the new folder you just created.  When you click on that folder, there is ANOTHER folder inside of it with the same name as the first one (genius stuff here).  You'll want to rename that as well because, as previously mentioned, these file names are too dang big.

    Then you should be able to open your files.  Hope that helps.  


    P.S. Let this thread serve as a warning to those who haven't chosen their EMAR software yet.  I don't work for tech support and yet I'm answering a year-old question here because I just went through the same process.  These guys overcharge for their software and do not provide enough support.  1/10 Do not recommend.

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