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Unallocated funds "solution" is unacceptable.



  • Michael Troy, LCSW

    This is not a solution, it is a terrible bug in your software. It is leading to patients receiving incorrect notices about money owed, and then ruptures that need valuable session time to repair. PLEASe restore the old version of invoicing and payments.

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  • Ginny Reneau

    I believe the fundamental error stems from SP trying to adapt the new billing experience to their existing invoicing model. Rather than trying to navigate all of these individual invoices and allocate payments (which you can’t do unless you delete and recreate the invoice) the obvious solution was to overhaul the system and let you apply payments toward individual appointments and each invoice would have respective lines stating previous balance, interim payments, and new charges. The previous invoicing model (and many other aspects of SP’s client billing function) were and remain deeply flawed. Clients are confused by the invoices they receive which often contain misleading information resulting in balance disputes.

    As the billing admin for an LCSW, this entire rollout has been a train wreck and has caused significant delays in processing client payments and generating correct invoices. I am hoping that SP recognizes that this update was a total flop and takes customer feedback seriously when they go back to the drawing board. I have received similarly vague and unhelpful answers from support recently that have left me speechless. (One such response was to ask if I had tried the “fix” that I was SPECIFICALLY asking to avoid.)

    I’m less and less hopeful that SP is going to turn things around, but I believe that if enough people voice how close they are to leaving SP due to recent changes and lack of help, maybe the financial motivation may spur action.

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  • Linda J. Dunphy

    It seems that others are having the same issues that I am having - I have counted on my SP billing to be accurate and fairly intuitive - it is neither at this point.  


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  • Catherine Eisenhower

    this is a nightmare. It's bad enough when billing is going smoothly, but if there are any hiccups with a client that we have to go back and fix, it's impossible. i have no idea why I still use SP and am seriously reconsidering. i don't even use it for the notes, so that makes it even more ridiculous that i would continue with my subscription.

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  • Kerry V. Ragain, PhD

    I just want to add to the discourse here. I've been using Simple Practice for years as well, and this "fund allocation" or whatever it's called is truly a nightmare. It's created so many problem in my billing practices that I can't explain to patients, it's become an unacceptable problem with no solution in sight. I have tried to contact SP representatives for help –which is terribly time consuming because you have to exchange emails and schedule something in my already jam-packed day– but there seem to be so many iterations of problems with "unallocated funds" under patient accounts, I can't get on top of it. I never had any problems whatsover with billing until SP made this change. I would change platforms, but I can't "allocate" the time required for that investment.

    SP, if you're reading this, can you simplify the "unallocated funds" feature into something that is more user friendly?

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  • Marhya Kelsch

    I am feeling stressed about this! I accept medicare and the secondary coverage comes as a check with multiple patients/sessions assigned to the check. In input the check in the insurance payments area, allocate the funds to the appropriate session/ patient and everything looks like sunshine. Until I open a patient chart and the payment I just put in is "unallocated" and when I try to allocate from the patients chart it well is a hot mess. It shouldn't be this hard nor this redundant. I find myself blocked in trying to correct it because everything is wrong when I got the allocate payments button- it is the wrong dollar amount- for example one case has 126.25 unallocated- I go to allocate and it only shows 101 credit?, I forget in my flustered state what sessions I was doing. its too much.

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