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  • Serra Ramey

    I was wondering if something was going on or if I had the payout timing wrong this whole time … any ideas what’s going on w/stripe?

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  • Nadine OReilly

    Customer support reached out to say it’s because of Veteran’s Day. I hope that’s it but in the past they pay out a day early not a day late so we’ll see.

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  • Carrie Evans

    I find Stripe to be one of the worst pay out systems I have used. I never get all of my money. I have it set to pay out daily and I only get one every three days. I have over $600 charged and only a $350 pay out scheduled. I do not have time to track whether I am getting all of my money, but I do not think I am. It seems a lot of people have issues with stripe. Is there a chance this is being looked at to change to a better system? I also use square up for some of my clients because stripe does not recognize their card, and I get the deposit the next day. 

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