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Unallocated payments



  • Raquel Rocha

    I've had to go into each client's account to make changes to balance it because I kept seeing all these unallocated payments. I totally feel your frustration and even started shopping around other EHRs. I feel a bit more steady now but now I found this other spot indicating insurance balance that I'm trying to figure out how to resolve. I wish the update was rolled out with the option to opt out. :/

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  • Julie Rosinski

    I completely agree!  This has made more work for me and I feel like it is messing up my balances because it makes it look like a client has a credit when they actually are at a 0 balance.  I'm extremely unhappy with this. 

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  • Debra Hirschberg

    I also find this upgrade to be very confusing and frustrating when I try to apply a current payment to a past amount due.

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  • Katherine Heatherly

    I confirm everyone's previous statements; and when I seek to find an answer from someone else's question/post, an answer is not provided. The "answer" is "we created a help request for you". This is incredibly frustrating for me but also for my clients.


    Please post directions!

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  • Jillian Wolf, PhD-HSP

    I agree with the above.  SP's response was to refund the client's credit card.  I will lose the credit card fees I have already paid only to get charged them again instead of offering a credit on the client's account.  The systems is completely counterintuitive and confusing.  I want the option to return to the way it was.  If I wanted to do this on my own, I wouldn't have an EHR that says it will do it for me.

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  • Katerra Davis

    I cant stand the new billing upgrade.  I find it extremely difficult to use and time-consuming.  I loved the way it was.  It was totally user-friendly.  

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  • Jennifer J. Allran

    It's horrible! Let us go back to the original system. This is confusing and time-consuming (the LAST thing we need)!

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  • Joshua Christian

    To allocate this payment, select an unpaid invoice, open the invoice, check apply available credit (Which should be done automatically, its obvious...) and then click the green allocate credit button on the right.

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  • Meera Kulkarni

    In first place why are you running insurance payment as patient payment? This problem will not be there.

    If the insurance has not paid yet then there is no invoice. If there is no invoice, there is no open balance.

    Even after 4 months you have not solved this problem. Very frustrating. 

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  • Janet Cosgrove

    Question about allocation

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  • Maladean E. Hudson

    I agree with everyone's complaint about the most recent billing upgrade and the difficulty it has caused in regard to "unallocated" payments. At least create steps to resolve these issues in a troubleshooting guide. Especially since there is no phone support after 7 pm EST, and on the weekend. It is embarrassing to have to explain to a client that I have to wait until Monday to resolve a payment issue. Limiting phone support to banker's hours is unacceptable because those that provide telehealth services usually require tech assistance outside of banker's hours.

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  • Kasey Curtis

    To Joshua Christian's reply two months ago: thank you, this worked for me. And I agree with everyone else, this is super frustrating. 

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  • Karen Bradfield

    I also agree with everyone else.  I have been spending too much time trying to resolve this and I am unable to.  Super frustrating.

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  • Sarah Winchester

    Agreed - this has created countless issues for me. I am adding my voice to this thread in commiseration, as well as in hopes Simple Practice will hear our concerns and address them? 

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  • Kelly Duffy

    What the heck do we do with them?

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  • Jaclyn Fortier, LCMHCS

    I now have so many unallocated credits, and no way to resolve them. The help desk and chat does not help in explaining. I want the old system back..this isn't working for us..I am relieved to see so many others are as confused as I am! 

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  • Melissa Fenrich

    I absolutely HATE this system "upgrade". It's created so much extra work and I've had to dedicate a massive amount of mental energy to trying to resolve these issues. Please someone at SP fix this! It's not simple anymore and I feel like a lot of people I know are considering other EMR systems since nothing is getting resolved and it's been almost a year of this nonsense.

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  • Mary Beth Harper

    I have several clients where I processed a full credit card payment for a session, but it was unallocated. How do I create a paid statement?

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