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Group Practice to Solo



  • Brienne (Brie) Pierquet

    I did this a couple of years ago. I'm assuming your group practice used SP as well? (The process will be the same). You basically treat it as you would getting any external records. You will have your own SP acct for your solo practice. You can export the data from your group acct-you may need someone to do this for you if you're not the group owner. Then you can upload the files into "Uploaded Files". I did not do new assessments for any of those clients. I simply did a chart note that said something to the effect of "Client transferred from writer's former group practice. Ct file dated X to X is in uploaded files.".

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  • Heather Harvey, LPC

    How were you able to do this when the practice owns the records?

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  • Tara Tillman


    I'm reviewing the community forum for the process of going from a practice in a group practice to a solo practice. From the few threads that I've noticed, it seems like a help ticket needs to be created for 1:1 guidance with this. Is this something that I can connect around with a SP team member?


    Thank you,

    Tara Tillman

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