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Recording Sessions



  • Mayra Vasquez

    Hi Tara!  I was actually thinking the same thing.  Im in the process of certification to be EFCT practitioner and will need to figure the same issue - hoping for some good suggestions. 

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  • Jennifer Kendrick, LCSW, LMFT

    Yes! This is a really important feature for clinicians under supervision, as well as anyone who does assessments and wants to make sure they haven't missed anything!

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  • Marlo Henderson

    I very much want SimplePractice to add a record session feature. I'm going to have to leave SimplePractice if this feature isn't added within the next two weeks...

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  • Stephen Monte

    I use Zoom, it costs extra, and I wish SimplePractice had this included ... or at least a discount for people who don't use their telehealth service

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