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Listing clients by insurance company



  • Darlene Pearsall

    I am interested in this question as well.  It was the reason I opened the help center. To add onto the question, is there a report writing feature?

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  • Kathleen Burke

    On the "Clients" page, it defaults to all insurance companies. You can click on "Insurance Payer" and select by insurance company. Just beware that it only displays the insurance company as it is listed in the client record. For example, if you select Aetna Health Plan (60054) from the dropdown, you will NOT see those clients who are listed as having Aetna (60054) or Aetna Health Plans PPO (60054). Unfortunately, you cannot see all the 60054 IDs at one time, which is stupid because all those claims go to the same place. The only way to work around this is to enter all the clients with Aetna the same way in each client record. They really should have a way to sort by Payer ID. Another issue is BCBS. Regardless of the BCBS plan your client has, you always need to bill to the local BCBS so you will not be able to sort by the different BCBS plans.

    You can also go to the "Insurance" page, and under the "Claims" tab you can sort by date range and insurance company. Unfortunately, this is a claims sort, and not an appointment sort.

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