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Good Faith Estimate "Template"



  • Melissa M. Johnson

    Yes to all of this!

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    Agree with all previously stated.

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  • Jerod Michael

    Yeah, why can’t I save any edits? I have to start over if I want to change anything!

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  • Jennifer Adams

    How do I remove this from our drop-down? We have a custom one for our practice and this one leads to confusion.

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  • Amber Walker

    We have same issue. GFE form should be for new self pay clients and we have another form for just Verifications of Benefits for Insurance clients that we want to be used appropriately in addition to this new Good Faith Estimates Form. We editted the form by saving the GFE form and and editting it (like what Simple Practice instructed us to do), but now it's only accessible thru the Clinician "Assessmet" Notes and not under the "NEW" button scroll down menu which is inaccessible to our Coordinator/ Biller for when they need to verify the clients insurance. Please let us know if you had found a solution to this because most of our clients insurances had rolled over and needs re-verification and this form cannot be accessed by the BIller/ Practice Manager to use.

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