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How to do a cash refund



  • Deanna Ball

    I need to know this as well

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  • Ronda Lantz


    I typed in the help messaging system and this was the response. It worked

    Processing a vCard or insurance credit card - Refunding the client's balance

    After the vCard is processed, the payment will show as a client payment. You can record a manual refund so that the payment collected through the vCard won’t be recorded as payment coming from the client. Here’s how: 

    • Locate the payment in the client's Billing page
    • Click View


    • Click Refund in the Payment details page


    • Use the Method dropdown to select the CashCheck, or External card option


    Important: Don't use the Stripe credit card option. This will issue a refund to the vCard. 

    • Enter the full Refund Amount
    • Click Refund
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