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Same service at different fee



  • Melissa Dufrene

    Hi Nancy,

       I am looking for a solution to this as well. I tried the resolution you mentioned, but it just deleted the other one (eg. created a new setting for 90837 and named it something different, but it deleted the other 90837). I've sent a help request to SP. 

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  • Sarah L. Balint-Bravo

    did you find a resolution for this?  i have 9 clinicians in my practice with 9 different rates

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  • Kathleen Burke

    Why charge different rates for the same CPT code? What other health profession charges different rates for the same service based on the amount of experience or what letters are after the professionals name? 

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  • Sara Marcino

    Did you ever get an answer? Kathleen - it is standard to have different rates. I have a nurse practitoner in my office, and her rates will be less than mine. Someone with additional fellowship might charge more. Or somebody in the group might just prefer to charge less just because... Still curious about the answer.


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