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What exactly can an inactive client access/ what do they see when they log in? Can we disable portal access without deleting a client?



  • Heath Munson

    It appears that inactive clients are still able to log into the portal and can see documents from before just like when they are active. Sharing new documents (or having incomplete shared documents) does not change the inactive status. The clinician can still see and interact with the client page. I believe this setting is more for the client list and clarity on reports.

    It also appears that disabling portal access keeps the client from logging in without being invited again, giving an error message to verify the email was entered correctly or contact the provider. Their records are still there and portal access can be enabled again without loss of records. It doesn't change the clinician view of the client records.

    This is just from my own testing using a "client" account I have connected with my email to keep record of contact with potential clients (a method others have recommended on this forum). You might set up a similar "client" in your system that then allows you to test how various desired/needed actions are impacted by disabling the portal and/or marking the client as inactive.

    Neither of these delete the client's records. That is a different process.

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  • Tasha Pritchett

    Is there a way to set a client as inactive, to include disabling their portal access, at the same time? I looked in the setting and I don't see anything.


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  • Dr. Christine Woods

    When you go to the client page, click edit. When you choose inactive, there will be a prompt asking if you’d like to disable portal access as well.

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