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Editing Invoice Due Date



  • Linda Q. Schlein

    Yes’ please how do we eliminate the due date, my fees are due upon completion of services.

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  • Michelle Peacock

    Would also like an answer to this question/problem.

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  • Elizabeth Tracy

    The original question is over a month old and I too need to know how to change the due date for invoices. My contract charges are net 10 days. Simple Practice, please respond. Thank you.

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  • Mary Potenti

    Ridiculous that no one answers this important question--submitted a ticket too 

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  • Jennifer Padovani Ott

    I did some digging bc this is a problem for me too. If you go under Settings/Billing and Services/

    Scroll down to Invoice Past Due - under that small heading there is Invoices will be marked past due _ days after... 

    There is a drop down right there to adjust it. 


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  • Laurie Keefe-Cecere

    Thank you Jennifer. Now if they could add, payable on receipt too

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