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Paid Claim (deductible) showing as Outstanding Insurance balance.



  • Marsinah R. Buchan

    i am having the exact same problem


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  • Patrick Hunnicutt

    Same problem. Has there been resolution to this? 

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  • Kristin Hocker

    Please resolve this issue. SP used to write off this insurance balance automatically, now we have to do it manually. I am having to keep a ledger to make sure I catch all of them. It's time consuming and does not make things SIMPLE at all. 

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  • Samantha Abernathy

    I am having same issue, how do I get rid of the insurance balance owed?  Client made this payment towards his deductible.

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  • Kimberly Seicke

    Was this question ever answered?  I am having the same problem for several clients.  This only seems to be happening since the newer billing system.

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  • Kathryn Ordonia, LMHC

    looking for a resolution as well

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  • Jessica Kim

    Any updates on this?

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  • Sheri Farnsworth

    looking for updates on this as well

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  • Nicole Fluth

    Can we please get an update to the outstanding claims report? It is so inaccurate compared to what is actually unpaid. I also have no way of seeing what appointments it is considering into that report or zeroing out the balance or doing a write-off. 

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  • Jennifer Katzen

    Can we please get a response on this?  It looks like my business is owed a significant amount of money but it doesn't. How do we zero out the insurance balance?  I have tried to go in and make an insurance payment of $0 but that doesn't save to the visits I allocate it to. 

    This is an accounting nightmare.  Help.

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  • Megan Matulis

    I am new to SP and having the same problem with patients who have to meet their deductible. How do we write off / adjust the remaining insurance balance in this scenario? 

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  • Cortney Amundson

    SimplePractice, will you be addressing this issue?

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  • Amy Young

    Hello?  SP?  Any updates?  This issue has been unresolved since I started using SP in 2020.....

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  • Amanda Booth

    I also am having this problem.  The patient is paying their deductible and even if I like it with a check as a zero pay, it is coming up as an unpaid claim.

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  • Sarah Mulhaul

    Same issue.  It says the insurance payment is unpaid but it is paid with the copay amount.  Sometimes it shows as paid and other times it shows unpaid for the same amounts.  It is causing my reports to say that I have outstanding balances.

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