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Paid Claim (deductible) showing as Outstanding Insurance balance.



  • Marsinah R. Buchan

    i am having the exact same problem


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  • Patrick Hunnicutt

    Same problem. Has there been resolution to this? 

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  • Kristin Hocker

    Please resolve this issue. SP used to write off this insurance balance automatically, now we have to do it manually. I am having to keep a ledger to make sure I catch all of them. It's time consuming and does not make things SIMPLE at all. 

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  • Samantha C. Abernathy

    I am having same issue, how do I get rid of the insurance balance owed?  Client made this payment towards his deductible.

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  • Kimberly Seicke

    Was this question ever answered?  I am having the same problem for several clients.  This only seems to be happening since the newer billing system.

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