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Charging Processing fee



  • Nyasha Grayman

    I claim at end of year.

    Nyasha Grayman, PhD, LCPC

    Wisdom Counseling - Baltimore LLC

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  • Emily Madris

    Thank you! 

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  • Emily Madris

    Thanks for this. I feel this response was a bit aggressive. You run your business your way and I’ll do the same. Charging a processing fee for a card when they have an option of other payment methods doesn’t take away from my ability to help!

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  • Brienne (Brie) Pierquet

    We're actually not allowed to pass that fee onto the client. You can account for it in 1 of two ways : 1) Use the amount you actually get paid (session fee less credit card fee) or 2) Full session fee and credit card fee separately. It depends on which method you use for your accounting. I use the amount I actually get so it's one less step.

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  • Kathleen Burke

    Are you talking about credit cards? No one uses cash anymore. Processing fees are part of the cost of doing business. Imagine how annoyed you would be if every time you used your credit card somewhere you were charged a processing fee. Now imagine your client telling people, "My therapist, who is supposed to be helping me, charges me a credit card processing fee." 

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