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email address for multiple client



  • Kimberly Bishop

    Yes Please!!


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  • Julia Jamison

    I am struggling with the same thing!

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  • Margaret M. Lebo, LMSW-MI, LCSW-NY

    Where's the answer to this?  Seems ridiculous to have this impede the process.  Please answer.

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  • Matthew Ryan

    Please fix the portal. I have mutiple minors with same parents and I cannot create separate emails for their parents to control both to make appointments. 

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  • Amanda Wilkinson

    I’m struggling with the same thing.  I have 3 minors with the same guardian….

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  • Kevin Fenstermacher

    This was the response I received a while back.

    As for your question about using the same email address for more than one client, our system currently doesn't support this. There is, however, an alternative route you can take. You can use our email modifier.

    Our email modifier is For example, if your client's email address is, the modified email address could be This way, our system will recognize it as a unique email address, but everything will be routed to the original address. It's important to note that this email modifier only works with email addresses that have a Gmail domain.
    So basically any other emails other than Gmail won't work. Good luck. Hope it works.

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