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  • Elizabeth Hocker

    Our practice would like SimplePractice to integrate with Alma’s insurance verification process and billing.

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  • Celeste H. Ryan

    Okay, I have been using Alma with several clients as a trial for awhile now. I like it so far. All my documentation with Alma remains through Simple Practice. A lot of clinicians on Alma do similarly. I like Simple practice forms. But the billing seems easier on Alma. Granted there are glitches and Alma clinicians have expressed  problematic situations with clients where Alma turned around and said the eligibility needed correcting and the client suddenly owed a large sum. The clinician then has to resolve that with the client. I do like that they reassess eligibility monthly. 

    They also have a forum for clinicians that while there is a large volume of emails is a great place to connect with colleagues about issues. Even if it is being critical about issues with Alma. They also pay you at higher contracted rates than you might get through an independent contract. Good luck with your decision.

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  • Celeste H. Ryan

    Me too. How can I separate my calendars on simple practice?


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  • Jolona Kinlaw

    Would you mind sharing how you walk your Alma clients through signing simple practice paperwork and how you share the telehealth link? Alma automatically has this set up so how do you avoid confusing the client? 

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