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Calendar name view



  • Michelle Phillips

    Wondering the same thing. 

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  • Brian Wolff

    I’m having the same problem. What happened?

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  • Jodie Butler

    This is not a good change. I see up to 16 people each day for 30 minutes appointments. It is very inconvenient and time consuming to have to select each appointment to see who the person is. This is a big enough issue I will start to look at other EMR. I highly doubt people who see multiple 30 minute appointments each day will find this to be a helpful change. 

    At least give us the possibility to allow us to open the boxes larger. Larger font, some type of work around to manage this. 

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  • Mary Waddell

    Open up your calendar and look at the bottom left.  If it says PRIVACY ON, switch to PRIVACY OFF and you'll get the names back.

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  • Lasheena Davis

    I would like to know the same thing. 

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  • Mindy Miller

    Thanks you Mary Waddell. That was SO helpful. I appreciate you.

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