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Declined Client Credit Cards on Autopay



  • Lindsay Scholz

    Hoping to get some feedback on this ASAP please. Thank you in advance.

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  • Beth Fox

    I view the Outstanding Balances report daily.  Very helpful in managing account balances.  I will try and process the card myself and if it is declined I email the client.

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  • Laura Khoury

    I 100% agree. Any update on this feature SP? An email notification would be helpful. As a practice owner I cannot check daily that payments went through, this is the whole point of the auto-pay feature. I receive an email when a client completes their documentation, why not when a card is declined?

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  • Glenda Momrelle

    Is there an update as to if this is available? I have lost so much money because clients cannot pay their back bill due to not being notified.  There was a post somewhere that said we are notified within SP, however I am not sure where to apply that notification. Is there any way to help with this?

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