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Income report vs 1099 K



  • Carolynn Mikulka

    I have the same question. My SimplePractice tax report shows a different amount than my 1099K from Stripe. I'm hoping we'll be able to find an answer.

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  • Indigo Stray Conger

    I also have the same question. 

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  • Wendy Belding

    [This is for informational purposes only - I am also just a provider and can't offer any help, advice or service.]

    Fees would affect this.  As an example only (not accurate amounts at all) if Stripe charges $5 per transaction, then S/P would show $100 if you collected $100, but the 1099K would only show $95.

    Year-end transactions could affect this.  If charged on 12/29 or later, the $100 would show in S/P in that year, but Stripe may not show it until 1/2 of the next year due to processing time.

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  • Ken Howard

    Are you sure this is the answer, or are you speculating a very compelling guess?  Thanks!

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  • Amanda F. Coleman

    I do a manual journal entry to adjust monthly for the credit card fees and my 1099k still does not come close to matching my records.  I would also like an answer to this question.

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  • Karen Weiman

    Mine also doesn't match, can someone from Simple Practice please speak to this?

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  • Amanda F. Coleman

    Response from SimplePractice which answered my questions:

    Our team will be happy to provide some insight and help clarify this for you.
    For context, the 1099-K you received includes the gross amount of all Stripe Credit Card payments charged using our payment processor with an Available On date within the tax year (i.e. 2022 in this case). The Available On date reflects when the transaction is estimated to be paid out to your bank account by our payment processor. For example, a Stripe Credit Card payment that was processed on 12/30/2021 or 12/31/2021 would have had an Available On date two business days later, which would have been in January of 2022. Because of this, that Stripe Credit Card payment would be included on your 1099-K for 2022 because the Available On date occurred within 2022, even though the actual payment itself was technically charged in 2021.
    This is important to keep in mind because your SimplePractice Tax ReportMonthly Income report, and Card Transactions report are all based on the dates the charges were initiated, rather than the Available On date. Additionally, the amounts listed on your Tax Report include all payments and refunds that you processed in SimplePractice within the tax year, including Stripe Credit Card, Cash, Check, and External Credit Card payments. This can create a discrepancy between the totals listed on your 1099-K compared to your Tax Report and/or your Monthly Income report.
    For additional context, the 1099-K form isn't intended to be used to reconcile amounts delivered to your bank account, as it doesn't account for the refunds or disputes that impact payout amounts. Instead, we recommend navigating to the Billing page within your SimplePractice account and filtering it to show everything that has occurred between 1/1-12/31 of the tax year. You can also click on the blue Export Transactions button to compare this report to the transactions listed in your Tax Report. If you’d like more information on the Tax Report, please see: Tax Report FAQ.
    If you’re looking to reconcile your Online Payments account specifically, we recommend navigating to the Reports > Payouts page, where all of your payouts are listed by date. You can view the contents of each payout by clicking on the blue Transactions button.

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  • Kathy Morgan, LPC

    How do I get a 1099-MISC. The 1000-K only shows credit card payments. How do i get the form that shows ALL my income including checks and cash? Don't I need this to file taxes?


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