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Simple Practice Screen Freezing



  • Jillaine K. Danis

    Sad that you haven’t had a reply from SP after 3 days…

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  • Julie D. Lapides

    Thanks Jillaine!  Are you having this problem?  I see when I Google it, that it has been going on for months.  Anyone else having this problem in the last few days?  I just tried to reach out directly to SP again, and I can't because the screen is freezing!

    Julie Lapides

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  • Katherine M. Wilkie

    Found it. Yep, having this issue- unacceptable as I try to navigate a claim error and have only so much admin time as a sole proprietor. I can't get back and forth to see the claim details, the client's chart info, and to edit without a freeze and often needing to refresh the web browser. Any info come your way yet?

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  • Susan Loar

    This is happening to me as well. It is currently March 19, 2023, and it has been happening to me for the last two months. I've noticed that data won't load, or it will take too long to go from one page to the next. It's costing me time, and causing aggravation! I hope they respond to you soon or send something stating that they're aware of it and are resolving the bugs. If it happens longer, it's kind of worth it to consider other platforms--it's that annoying. I hope for all of our sakes that something gets worked out! 



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