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Major confusion about unallocated funds and invoices


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  • Brienne (Brie) Pierquet

    This was confusing to me too until I spent (entirely too much) time on it, but I think I got it so hopefully it'll help you. Say you have a client who is completely up to date on billing and payments, etc. You then discover you forgot to add the telehealth modifier to several appointments. (This is exactly what happened to me). In order to fix it you have to delete all invoices and superbills on those appointments. Once you do that, all of those payments become "unallocated". You then go back and re-do the invoices as you would normally. They will still show as unpaid because you have to apply those payments to them manually. So you will click "Add Payment" and the window below pops up. From here you can choose to apply the entire unallocated amount to those invoices, which should be easy if you only have unallocated funds for the invoices you just edited, OR you can do each one individually. But assuming it's straight forward, you can apply whatever unallocated funds are to whatever unpaid invoices and you'll be all set. Hopefully that makes sense. It gets trickier if you have more than one thing going on at a time, like a random credit unrelated to the invoices you're working on or something because you need to figure out where it goes. But in theory, you'll already know which of the ones you just worked on need to have the payment re-applied.  (My numbers will not add up in this example because I made them up, so don't do the math on mine :-) )


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