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Deleting a client



  • Lindsay Harris

    I am having the same issue and looking for an updated answer to this question. I do not see the red delete button either.

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  • Marian Miller

    I have a patient who will not sign the terms of agreement with SP, I already put her in as a patient. She would like me to delete her in the system.

    She does not agree to waiver of class action in the terms.

    Anyone know how to delete?

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  • Yu Harumi

    I have the same problem here.  Used to be able to delete a client, but I don't see that button coming up now.  

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  • Sunny Brown

    I just had the same issue after accidentally duplicating a client I am onboarding.  Here is what I did:  click on the client you want to delete.  At the top by their name click edit.  This will open up their demographic page.  Scroll all the way down to the bottom and look to the far right.  You should see a red Botton that says "delete this client".  Then you have to copy the name and confirm the delete. Hope this helps

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