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  • Ginny Mills

    It is fine for Simple Practice to, pardon the pun, "sundown" the weather forecast as a feature on our morning agenda. That was a nice addition but not something that I cannot access otherwise. Being able to EMAIL ALL CLIENTS AT ONE TIME, however, IS something that I cannot easily do. There has been a string of requests about this literally for years that seems to go unnoticed by Simple Practice. This is a standard feature that is needed by all large practices and would be appreciated by smaller one. PLEASE, Simple Practice, make this feature available, easy and part of our existing services. We need to be able to email all our clients at one time just like my doctor's office can email me. All of us experienced this during the pandemic when our primary care docs were trying to keep us all safe during the worst years of the pandemic. During that same time, Simple Practice users struggled and so did our clients because we had different but also-important needs to communicate with our clients. Better late than never, Simple Practice, but please don't let us never have this much utilized feature. 

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  • Caroline Tindale

    I agree completely!!!!!

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  • Beverly Ward

    Yes.  This is most needed!

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