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Insurance write offs



  • Kathryn Ordonia, LMHC

    would like to know an answer to this as well

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  • Pam Jamison

    Yes. When insurance denies claims after appealing them, entering a non-payment manually to write off the balance doesn't work like it should. Would like to know a walk through as well. 

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  • Allison Graham

    Been only working 2 days on Simple - how to enter a non-payment manually to get the write off


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  • Michelle Reuss

    Try this link for how to enter manual payments and write-offs:

    when the insurance doesn't pay but you still need to record the discount/write-off just follow the same directions except the payment amount is $0

    You can see a list of outstanding claims in the Analytics --> Reports but as far as I know each client has to be "cleaned up" separately (this would be a nice option though)

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