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New Treatment Progress feature



  • Kimberly Rosen

    Can you say more about this feature and how to access it?  

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  • Michael Manchester-Miles

    Kimberly, its now a tab above the progress note. Open a progress note to edit and you will see it. You can go in there and link the progress note to treatment plan which is a good addition in functionality. 

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  • Jenni Harris

    I love the new treatment progress feature.  I am trying to figure out how to open a progress note without the client being scheduled.  I need to update treatment plan progress every 90 days for Medicaid clients.  These reviews are not always due on the day they have an appointment.  Is there a way to open the progress note without scheduling the client for an appointment?

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  • Emily Quinnett

    You can create a new dx and tx plan directly from the client's main page. Client on their name and above their latest appointment you will see a box that says New with a down arrow. Client New and then click Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

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  • Charlene Lenkart

    Any way this could also be made available for non-Wiley treatment plans?


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