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Manually change insurance claim status



  • Tracy Earnshaw

    I have the same problem. It also happens with claims that have been downloaded and denied (duplicates) after a payment has been posted.

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  • Toni Jones

    I also need to change a claim status, but mine needs to go from PAID to DEDUCTIBLE. I entered the $0 payment after receiving the EOP, but now it shows PAID even though the client still owes a balance.

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  • Kristy Mathews

    Im having the same issue!

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  • Noya Dekel

    This claim status no longer changes form accepted to paid once you enter the payment received from the insurance manually. 

    This is a significant decrease in the quality of the software. 

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  • Jennifer Strange

    I have one insurance company that sends paper checks and the claim status never moves off of received.  I just searched through support for directions and was able to enter all five of the checks manually, with the claim status changing to paid immediately after I entered the information.  Here are the steps I followed that "Vaughn O'Neal" posted on another thread:

    Click "Insurance" on the left navigation bar, then click the green "Add insurance payment" button on the top right. Enter all the pertinent information up top, then allocate the payment to the appropriate patient and date of service. Click the squiggly arrows next to "Write-off" and Simple Practice will calculate your write-off amount (difference between what you billed and what they paid.) Click the "Save Payment" button and within 5 minutes that claim should automatically change from Accepted to Paid.

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